Use Cases

Some concrete examples of situations that required the intervention of bodyguards.

  • The CEO of a multinational pharmaceutical company wants to take a few days off in a developing country and take advantage of it to engage in local tourism. The CEO being covered by a "special risk" insurance to ensure his possible replacement in case of vacancy of his position, the insurance company proposes to the board of directors of the said company to mandate a bodyguard to ensure the protection the CEO, which, after all, is much less than the insurance company should pay in the event of an accident by the CEO.

  • ​An SME manager with 250 employees goes every year to winter sports. Mr. X runs downhill on his skis, when suddenly he suffers a heart attack. The helpers warned late will take him to the hospital, but alas too late, Mr. X will die. Sadness and inability to continue the business, the family will file for bankruptcy. Result: 250 new unemployed. The presence of a bodyguard  would probably have saved Mr. X and thus helped save the employment of 250 people.

  • Sometimes it is for the RPA to protect his client from himself, as the case of John Belushi illustrates. The Blues Brothers singer died in his bedroom at Château Marmont in Los Angeles in 1982, following an overdose. His bodyguard, Richard Wendell, after a grueling year spent following his client and protecting him from his drug addiction, had resigned a few months earlier. The family recognized the tremendous work of his former bodyguard and asked him to organize the funeral of his ex-client.